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The digitization, datafication and globalization of financial markets is triggering a paradigm shift in financial regulation and supervision. Financial authorities are seeking competent innovation leaders to overhaul legacy systems and culture, upgrade processes and tools, and guide them into the future. The Cambridge SupTech Lab delivers career-enhancing professional development for public sector managers and specialists to lead the digital transformation of government agencies and services, with a focus on financial sector supervision. 

Our methodology

Joining the Cambridge Suptech Lab Professional and Executive Education programmes provides you with the opportunity to access ground-breaking research, collaboratively develop new analytical frameworks and cutting-edge suptech applications, and investigate and experiment with innovative digital tools for market intelligence and oversight. Offering a blend of interactive and integrated learning techniques, the Lab delivers world-class online leadership education and experiential training that empower public sector leaders to deliver more inclusive, resilient, transparent and sustainable economies and financial markets. 

Learn. Experience. Build.

Our Programmes

1st Cohort: 08 Apr – 17 May
2nd Cohort: 22 Jul – 31 Aug
Duration: 6 weeks

1st Cohort: 8 Apr – 17 May
2nd Cohort: 9 Sept – 18 Oct
Duration: 6 weeks

1st Cohort: 3 Jun – 12 July
2nd Cohort: 4 Nov – 13 Dec
Duration: 6 weeks

Shaping leadership & transformation

Change is the new constant. As the tides of the financial sector continue ebbing toward the increasingly digital and interconnected future, our Programmes equip participants across the evolving supervisory environment to become Innovation Leaders.

Supervisor of the Future: SupTech Frontiers Programme focuses on the paradigm shift in financial supervision that is triggered by the rise of fintech and digital assets. The curriculum, assignments, and live sessions enable deeper understanding of emerging digital technologies and innovative business models, demystify the complexities of evolving supervisory environments, and support participants in the creation of suptech applications to address the challenges they face to effectively supervise the financial market. Read more.

Distilling the Digital Ocean: Practical Data Science in Financial Supervision Programme centres on applying best practices and cutting-edge tools to achieve data-driven supervision through a series of theoretical modules and hands-on exercises. Designed for both supervisors and data scientists, the course equips participants with the skills to unlock the full potential of data science while maintaining ethical and responsible data collection, handling, and analysis using AI and other advanced technologies.  Read more.

Leading Transformation: Product and Organizational Innovation Programme furthers the capacity of the participants to be the visionary and effective leaders of the digital transformation of financial supervision. Diving into techniques for data-driven and user centered solutions design, change management, and products and organisational innovation, the course supports the participants proofs of concept of cutting-edge, scalable suptech applications and bring about prototype development and deployment. Read more.

Instructors, lecturers, and guest speakers

Technologists, data scientists, current and former supervisors, policy and regulatory experts, economists, entrepreneurs, researchers, product managers, designers, coders, and business strategists with global and local expertise sit at the centre of our educational approach. Our courses leveraging their first-hand experience and practical case studies from around the globe to provide courses that are grounded in real world challenges and solutions.

Programme lecturers and guest speakers

Matt Grasser

Cambridge SupTech Lab

Juliet Ongwae

Cambridge SupTech Lab

Jose Miguel Mestanza

Cambridge SupTech Lab

Giovanni Bandi

University of Cambridge

Simone di Castri

Cambridge SupTech Lab

Louis de Koker

La Trobe University

Chris Butler

Lead Product Manager, Google

2022 Inaugural Innovation Leadership Programme

Muthoni Wanyoike

Data Scientist and Artificial Intelligence Embassador

Cennydd Bowles

Information Comissioner’s Office

Joanne Horgan


Curtis Matlock


Kimmo Soramäki

Financial Network Analytics

Jo Ann Barefoot

Alliance for Innovative Regulationt

Pia Roman


Francesca Hopwood Road

BIS Innovation Hub

Luigi Zingales

University of Chicago

Kwame Oppong

Bank of Ghana

Lindsey Richardson

University of British Columbia

Adam Scott


Anna Wallace

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Noel Guinto

Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas

Juan Carlos Izaguirre

Consultative Group to Assist the Poor


Juliet Ongwae

Cambridge SupTech Lab

Lesly Goh

Cambridge Judge Business School Fellow

Salvador Chang

Consultant Digital Financial Inclusion

Arend Kulenkampff

GovTech Consultant

Chris Guess

Duke Reporters’ Lab

Jose Miguel Mestanza

Cambridge SupTech Lab

Mark Anthony Perez


Nick Clark

Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance

Philip Rowan

Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance

Rochelle Momberg

Digital Frontiers Institute

Sergio Jose de Mesquita

Consultative Group to Assist the Poor

Giovanni Bandi

University of Cambridge

2022 Programmes

Cambridge SupTech Lab Innovation Leadership Programme
Proof of Concepts
people impacted
Countries supervised



Supervisory focus area

  • Panu Kampanakorn

    Assistant Director

    Bank of Thailand


  • Jirawat Palungvitvatana

    Assistant Director

    Bank of Thailand


  • Waruth Tanratanapatanakul

    Senior Examiner

    Bank of Thailand


  • Passawuth Nuntnarumit

    Senior analyst

    Bank of Thailand


  • Bovonvich Jindarak

    Deputy Director

    Bank of Thailand


  • Soranut Midtrapanon

    Senior IT Auditor

    Bank of Thailand


  • Saulo Medeiros de Araujo


    Central Bank of Brazil


  • Ramon silva vilarins


    Central Bank of Brazil


Lead The Journey To Digitally Transform Financial Supervision

Financial Assistance Might Be Available For Participants From Emerging Economies And Developing Countries. If Funding Is A Challenge, Please Connect With Us.