Privacy policy

The data collected in this survey will be held by the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance, which is a research centre within the Cambridge Judge Business School.

Your Digital SupTech diagnostic data

The self-reported diagnostic information will be utilised in direct conversations with the agency, for example with support and technical assistance. Aggregate and anonymised data results will be used for research. The data you’ve entered in the Digital SupTech diagnostic is stored on the Google Cloud Platform, leveraging its world-class cybersecurity and data management controls. We are taking steps to minimize the number of authorised persons who has access to the databases on the Google Cloud Platform where your data is stored. People who have access to the databases with your data are members of the Cambridge SupTech Lab, technical specialists of the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance and developers contracted by the Judge Business School to develop and maintain Digital SupTech Diagnostic.

Your support queries and personal data

To reply to your queries and assist you with analysing your data, we may use Judge Business School digital infrastructure, including corporate email, Microsoft Office and SharePoint facilities provided by Microsoft. Your support queries and personal profile information, such as name, email address and affiliated institution is stored in Google Cloud Platform and our HubSpot account.

Anonymised statistical data

When you use our services, we may create anonymised statistical data from your data and usage of our services, including through aggregation. Once anonymised, we may use it for our own purposes, such as to provide and improve our services, to develop new services or product offerings, to identify business trends, and for other uses we communicate to you.

State of SupTech reports

The inaugural annual State of SupTech report will be published in Q4-2022, and the findings in the report will only refer to aggregate, anonymised global and regional findings. The aggregate report will be disseminated freely across government, regulators, trade associations and major media outlets to inform policy and raise public awareness of suptech solutions. No individual platform data or information will be disseminated in this report or otherwise. All efforts will be made to ensure individual participants cannot be identified (except as may be required by law).

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How to contact us

You may contact the Cambridge SupTech Lab team at any time before, during or after completing this survey to discuss your involvement in this project, ask any questions related to the study or to gain more information about the research team. Your decision to consent to participating in this study is entirely voluntary and you are free to withdraw from the survey at any time without giving a reason by contacting the research team.

The core research team can be contacted at:

Cambridge SupTech Lab