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Leading Transformation:
Product and Organizational Innovation

Up your innovation game. Maximize your Impact.  

The pace and magnitude of suptech transformation are reaching new heights, and it’s crucial for financial authorities to stay ahead of the curve, considering the diverse nature of leadership and different degrees of “readiness” to innovate.

To shape the modernization journey of the agencies, leaders are called to develop a visionary organizational outlook deeply rooted in evolving product innovation skillsets and effective change management strategies. For this programme, we have extracted – from the nascent and experimental stages of suptech and the more mature practices of the tech world – the best practices on product design and development and organizational transformation that pave the way for groundbreaking advancements.

This programme is designed for the leaders that are called to develop a visionary outlook deeply rooted in evolving product innovation and organizational digital transformation skillsets. Don’t miss this opportunity to become a catalyst for change and be at the forefront of suptech innovation. Together, let’s shape the future of financial supervision and make a lasting impact on the global stage.

Through a 6-week immersive experience drawing on real-world case studies, leveraging the Lab’s digital tools, you will walk away with:

  • A practical understanding of the various dimensions of digital transformation
  • Core leadership skills and techniques, including Human Centered Design (HCD)
  • Proficiency in the development of communication, change management, and digital strategies related to the digital transformation of public agencies, fostering collaborative culture and rigorous ethic to make your team thrive in the complex and fast changing digital world
  • Fundamental experience throughout the product lifecycle
  • Technical competence to utilize key tools and frameworks for crafting production-level applications
  • Confidence with design sprint methodology
  • Knowhow to navigate the challenges and risks of digital transformation being able to set mitigation strategies, align long term goals and producing enduring impact
  • Visionary thinking for shaping and nurturing creativity and collaboration in making innovation a shared value and true possibility

Are you ready?

Start on
6 november 2023

6 Weeks
7 Hours / Week




Get oriented and inspired

  • TBC
1 week
6-10 Nov

Module 1
Module 1

Design Thinking

  • TBC
1 week
13-17 Nov

Module 2
Module 2

Product Design

  • TBC
1 week
20 - 24 Nov

Module 3
Module 3

Agile prototyping and applications development

  • TBC
1 week
27 Nov -1 Dec

Module 4
Module 4

Design Sprint and Innovation Leadership

  • TBC
1 week
4-15 Dec


  • Expand your leadership vision and skills to nurture creativity, innovation and collaboration in your agency
  • Become a more effective communicator and a more confident decision-maker, clearly articulating the vision, goals, and benefits of suptech initiatives to all stakeholders, fostering understanding and buy-in.
  • Develop self-awareness and emotional intelligence of an embodied leader, and encourage open dialogue, active listening, and collaboration to build a shared sense of purpose and ownership.
  • Embrace a mindset that acknowledges change as an ongoing and constant force in today’s digital landscape
  • Foster a culture of innovation, collaboration, and openness to change, and embrace a mindset of continuous improvement, adapting and refining your digital transformation efforts based on feedback and insights.


  • Develop your capstone, collaborating with colleagues to design proofs of concept of cutting-edge scalable suptech applications
  • Actively participate in design sprints, understanding the methodology, synthesizing insights and road mapping a course of action
  • The Lab will run competitions to crowdsource ideas that complement the Capstones and identify vendors for the implementation of selected solutions, which will receive sponsorship for prototyping and deployment

Your capstone

The capstone project presents you with the opportunity to integrate learning, showcase expertise and create tangible value for your organization. Throughout the project you will develop a project charter detailing scope, technical analysis and implementation plans for taking a proof of concept of a cutting-edge suptech through agile prototyping.

The capstone allows you to demonstrate your ability to think strategically, generate vision and impact organizational innovation.


This program offers you the opportunity to earn a certificate of completion from one of the world’s leading business schools – the University of Cambridge Judge Business School. Your certificate will be issued in your legal name and shared with you upon successful completion of the programme, as per the stipulated requirements.

Programme lecturers and guest speakers

Technologists, data scientists, financial supervisors, policy and regulatory experts, economists, entrepreneurs, researchers, product managers and designers, coders, and business strategists with global and local expertise will lead the delivery of the curriculum, leveraging their first-hand experience and practical case studies from around the world.

Programme lecturers and guest speakers

Matt Grasser

Cambridge SupTech Lab

Juliet Ongwae

Cambridge SupTech Lab

Jose Miguel Mestanza

Cambridge SupTech Lab

Giovanni Bandi

University of Cambridge

Simone di Castri

Cambridge SupTech Lab

Louis de Koker

La Trobe University

Chris Butler

Lead Product Manager, Google

2022 Inaugural Innovation Leadership Programme

Muthoni Wanyoike

Data Scientist and Artificial Intelligence Embassador

Cennydd Bowles

Information Comissioner’s Office

Joanne Horgan


Curtis Matlock


Kimmo Soramäki

Financial Network Analytics

Jo Ann Barefoot

Alliance for Innovative Regulationt

Pia Roman


Francesca Hopwood Road

BIS Innovation Hub

Luigi Zingales

University of Chicago

Kwame Oppong

Bank of Ghana

Lindsey Richardson

University of British Columbia

Adam Scott


Anna Wallace

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Noel Guinto

Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas

Juan Carlos Izaguirre

Consultative Group to Assist the Poor


Juliet Ongwae

Cambridge SupTech Lab

Lesly Goh

Cambridge Judge Business School Fellow

Salvador Chang

Consultant Digital Financial Inclusion

Arend Kulenkampff

GovTech Consultant

Chris Guess

Duke Reporters’ Lab

Jose Miguel Mestanza

Cambridge SupTech Lab

Mark Anthony Perez

Moody’s Analytics

Nick Clark

Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance

Philip Rowan

Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance

Rochelle Momberg

Digital Frontiers Institute

Sergio Jose de Mesquita

Consultative Group to Assist the Poor

Giovanni Bandi

University of Cambridge



  • Aim to become a visionary leader in digital transformation through innovation and data-driven re-design of supervisory approaches and tools
  • Seek to enhance your capacity in design, procurement, development and roll-out of suptech applications
  • Are committed to accelerating and catalyzing resilient, sustainable and innovative financial sectors
  • Currently hold positions such as supervisor, regulator, policymaker, economist, examiner, actuary, analyst, data scientist, or technologist within regulatory, supervisory, or policymaking authorities.

2022 Cohort

Click here to learn more about the Cambridge SupTech Lab Innovation Leaders

Cambridge SupTech Lab Innovation Leadership Programme
people impacted
Countries supervised

Tuition fee

Financial Authorities


5 seats minimum

Deadline for enrolment:
July 17th, 2023 at 11:59 PM BST




Deadline for enrolment:
July 17th, 2023 at 11:59 PM BST

Special discount

Financial assistance might be available for participants from emerging economies and developing countries. If funding represents a challenge, please connect with us.









The Programme is open to all individuals who currently hold positions such as supervisor, regulator, policymaker, economist, examiner, actuary, analyst, data scientist, or technologist within regulatory, supervisory, or policymaking authorities.

We highly encourage agencies to enroll individuals representative of the various roles relevant for the development of a suptech application, roadmap, strategy, open data project, innovation hub, or digital transformation initiative. Take special note of the discounted tuition fee for enrollment of 5 people or more.

This Programme Is Supported By